Consolidating databases access

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I'm just trying to combine them into the same table. I clicked on the Queries Tab, selected "create new query in design view." 2. (I did not do anything with "Table 1." Now I clicked close. Now I have a part with a top section and a bottom section.

You can merge two separate Microsoft Access databases by using the built-in tools.

This allows all users access to the most current information on the database.

Create a new table that have all the columne in all your 5 tables, then create the needed SQL statment like SELECT * FROM Tb1 INTO Table With All Columns eventually add some WHERE to exclude the duplicate rows from the soulds complicated but it will probably be alot easier than doing a csv import since you could loose formatting on your data etc... its important only to add one table to the query grid since the second one is selected when you change the query to an append query.hope this helps, if you dont understand any of it send me a PM and ill help you further. let me know if you are still having problems, this technique comes in particularly useful in many occasions as i have found during my time building fairly complicated systems. First, I should probably tell you that both tables are already in the same database.Anyone who can give me step by step on this please?I would greatly appreciate and paste will work if they are identical, you can also export and import as a csv. Create csv file, open with excel copy single line and paste to mdb.

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