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In this case the attacker demanded 0 in Bitcoins to unlock the files.The chances of recovering data are minimal without paying the ransom, but many security experts suggest paying the ransom only encourages future exploits.

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The Shadow Brokers have popped up from time to time over the past 9 months leaking additional information, including IP addresses used by the Equation Group and additional tools.The current computer security landscape is a rapidly evolving playground.Staying on top of all the security news, knowing the latest security trends and staying aware of changing threat information has become a difficult, time-consuming, daunting task.Rebecca sent a text saying she’d be there and told her family that work had been crazy and that she had to work late if she was going to have any kind of restful weekend. Rebecca raced through her work to make sure she got everything done in time.Fridays were always a pain in the neck as LA traffic was always gridlock.

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