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Lloffiwr (talk) , 9 September 2012 (UTC) This tip - 'Some Wikimedia chapters have a fundraising agreement with the WMF, and handle their own fundraising campaigns in their respective countries.' - is far too vague.

Is the system the same as last year - ie that the fundraiser has to be translated on meta and on the chapter, and that translators have to request chapters to allow the fundraiser to appear in the same language as the site?

The collection of nautical charts and portolan maps includes items from the 17th century and a thousand rare charts of Russian rivers printed at the beginning of the 20th century.

The library is open to the public, by appointment only.

If the system is different this year, we also need to know as soon as possible what the hoops are that we have to go through this year in order to decide whether we are wasting our time translating on meta, if the chapters are not going to be using our translations anyway.

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Quality assurance is an often neglected process that evaluates and improves the quality of software. All you need to do is watch some online videos from two separate sets (one adds to 1 hour and the other one to 2 hours), send me constructive feedback confidentially (really short, 3-5 bullet points/one liner feedback as to how I can improve them) and ideally leave a separate positive public review (you are encouraged but not obliged to do so and exactly how you rate it is entirely up to you based on your experience with the material).It is also in charge of the tide gauge in the port of Genoa, used as a reference for the measuring of heights in Italy.It includes the Military Oceanography Centre, which provides METOC data to Navy units.Per il materiale di costruzioni idrauliche gli studenti del primo anno della laurea magistrale facciano riferimento a questo sito.Le slides saranno caricate su Slide Share e disponibili a tutti (anche ad altri studenti) ma richiede di creare un account per il download.

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