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"We are splitting due to the cliché irreconcilable differences, but we're splitting amicably," Barash said, stressing their number one priority is their 2-year-old daughter, Harper.

"We have every intention of remaining a family through this and successfully co-parenting our kid and retaining a friendship in the efforts of raising her in a healthy environment," he added.

Cat gets right down to business introducing our first four bachelors: Rapper, Actor, and Dancing with the Stars alum Romeo Olympian and model Jeremy Bloom Soap star Jason Cook Jersey Shore star Pauly DRound One: The guys have thirty seconds to hear each girl's schpeal and decide if they want to know more by turning around. She chooses Jeremy and he has his first three girls. She is a Southern Princess Jasmine who demands Romeo turn around. Donna is Romanian and will her man how amazing she is in Romanian. She has the same name as his mom and wants someone that reminds him of his mom. Angelise is a comedian with a body like Jessica Rabbit. Some of the highlights include one girl pretending to milk a cow, snoring revelations, math problems and basic first date questions about family, favorite colors etc. Lisa took her man to Jamaica, while Angelise flew from LA to Boston so she can have dinner with him - only six hours with him total! Jeremy asks his girls the most adventurous thing they have ever done. It was harmless fun as long as you didn't take it seriously. I don't watch Jersey Shore but ommmmg hate that guy.

First up is Rachel, a perky blonde in a flower dress. They are both impressed with her relationship with her grandma. She is a brunette in a tight outfit who makes the audience go crazy. They all try to impress her, but she decides for Pauly. She is another brunette with beauty, grace, and is a model. Amber is a fashion assistant, pageant girl and grew up on a farm. Vanessa is a volleyball player and coach who is Italian and Mexican as well as other nationalities. Round Three: One girl from each team gets eliminated. Biggest douche ever and HOW IS THAT HAIR ATTRACTIVE HOLY SHIT JUST PAPER BAG YOURSELF @ the one guy picking his psycho fangirl.

Korman said he was made aware of the new allegations just 10 days before Salines was scheduled to plead guilty.

"My client was prepared to move on with her life, serve her sentence and be done with it, and now this other situation has popped up," Korman said.

She departed the series in September 2011 upon being diagnosed with endometriosis and was replaced in the role by Jen Lilley.

After nearly a year off-screen, Storms returned as Maxie on September 5, 2012.

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Asia is Italian, a Gemini, from the East Coast but now lives in California. Annapurna says she will give him chocolate and something awesome to do. Pauly D asks his girls if men and women can be just friends.Hello and welcome to the series premiere of The Choice on Fox. Alyssa is a sorority party girl who has a stripper pole in her house. Round Two The girls all come out to represent their team. Round Four: This will determine who will get the date. Jason asks his girls how they would heal his broken heat. Elyse says yes, but you have to know who you are with and know you can trust them.Cat Deely is the host for this show where fourteen of the most eligible celebrity bachelors will try to fall in love, only listening to someone's voice. She has them describe themselves - Pauly is fun, ambitious, trustworthy. She chooses Jason, who now has all three girls on his team. Both Pauly D and Romeo turn around but she chooses Romeo. At this point, the guys question each girl to get to know them. Romeo asks his girls the most impressive thing they ever did to love. Donna says it is because you don't have to have feelings for everyone. Join us next week for more bachelors to find love and to find out how the dates went. SOURCEThis show was a disaster but I found myself watching the entire thing.Storms took maternity leave on January 2, 2014 and returned on April 8, 2014. She has a younger sister named Gretchen, a brother named Austin and a stepbrother named Chris.She is the daughter of Karen Storms and CBS affiliate sportscaster Mike Storms.

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