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NRAS worked with the psychotherapeutic counsellor (who has RA herself) who authored the NRAS guide, to pilot an interactive 1-day training for rheumatology health professionals.Taking the results from the pre-course questionnaires, it was clear that HCPs wanted to be given guidance around what they could and could not say to patients to maintain their professionalism while showing empathy and humanity.The day was structured with a mixture of presentations, role plays and discussions.Topics included impact of rheumatology drugs on libido, fertility, contraception and sexual function; scenario role plays taking turns at being the patient and the health professional; presentations and video clips about empathy and ‘wearing others’ shoes’; understanding sexual anatomy, sexual problems arising from having RA, and suggested ways to open discussion on these issues Results: 14 nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and researchers attended the pilot session, although many more wanted to but could not be released from their duties to attend.We have dealt with the problem of leisure by getting rid of it. Digital technology and the communications network it supports allow us to be on the job morning, noon, and night, wherever we may be.

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Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society was subsequently founded on the notion that widespread wealth, and along with it leisure, were faits accompli.

The decades since have provided the answer to what we would do with all of our spare time, though it’s not the one most people expected.

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is not a horror movie, but it is a thriller with some performers known for horror movies in the cast.

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