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In her parallel music career, she recorded more than 3,000 songs, working with a string of legendary Egyptian composers, including the late Mohammed Abdel Wahab.She specialised in a Lebanese folk tradition called the mawal, and her most famous songs included "Zay el-Assal" ("Your Love is Like Honey on my Heart") and "Akhadou el-Reeh" ("They Took the Wind").The question is, can we expect a superhero-themed wedding?PETALING JAYA: He may be a superhero onscreen, but Thomas Grant Gustin – who plays the titular character in TV series The Flash – couldn't resist the charm of a native Sabahan girl.His niece, Souhaire, does not want him choosing her husband.His marriage is rocky, and he insists on tradition.) is a 2005 film directed by Ruba Nadda and starring Arsinée Khanjian as Sabah, a traditional Muslim woman living in Toronto.

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The first case involved a plantation supervisor, who was last year sentenced to nine months in jail for hanging a dog to death in Lahad Datu.

She also acquired several affectionate nicknames, including "Shahroura" ("singing bird") and "Sabbouha," a diminutive of Sabah.

Among her most popular films were Soft Hands (1964), Ataba Square (1959), and The Second Man (1960), in which she played a cabaret singer who vows to avenge her brother's death at the hands of a smuggling ring.

It will be soon,” he said at the Sabah Animal Welfare Enactment 2015 Roadshow at Wisma Pertanian, here.

Cruelty towards animals under the enactment is punishable by a maximum fine of RM100,000 or three years’ jail or both upon conviction.

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