Updating media information from command line single dating groups

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Please see Mirrors policy for a complete overview of the mirror structure which can be found on most mirrors.If you don't like using the CD or a DVD when updating your system and you have room to spare in your harddrive, make a directory (for example: If you have copied the install CD or DVD to the hard drive, or have their ISO images on the drive (see Copy CD or DVD to Hard Drive on how to mount them), this can be done in one step.

) or update via the Service Pack installation media.

Here you can select the particular components that have available updates and click Continue to apply the updates to them.

PKG can also point to a local RPM file which will be installed then.

Run an Online Update prior to the Online Migration.

When using a graphical interface, start the Ya ST Online Update or the updater applet. Either burn it to a DVD or prepare a network installation source as described in Section 11.2, Setting Up the Server Holding the Installation Sources.

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