Whos dating bob harper

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Harper's prime-time declaration -- while not exactly a surprise -- was still shocking for its simple and resounding declaration.It will no doubt reverberate far beyond the set of "The Biggest Loser" or even the show's devoted fans.Harper has been with the NBC reality weight loss show for all 17 seasons since its 2004 debut. He served as a trainer on the show until 2016, when he took over as host, succeeding Alison Sweeney.

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contestants Phillip and Amy Parham called in to the Monsters in the Morning show on Real Radio 104.1 two weeks ago (listen on i Tunes, around ), and when asked “Is Bob married? Bob’s not married.” The host, Russ Rollins, said, “I didn’t think he was married. Winky winky,” while another show cast member fell back on gay stereotypes to get further confirmation, asking who they’d want to “design the interior of your house,” and Phillip said, “Oh it’d be Bob, for sure.” So does this mean anything? Another radio show cast member, Daniel Dennis, later said, “we didn’t figure out anything,” and of course a gay person could be married and/or not interested in interior design. Michaels brought Rhoades to a movie theater, where the couple's family and friends were also in attendance.She played a fake movie trailer made up of photos of the couple and their family, and text expressing her love for Rhoades.” there was a pause, and Amy said, “no,” and Phil said, “Uh, no.” He then added, “Bob likes his clothes and all that. Still, neither Phillip nor Amy objected to the interviewers using their suggestive comments to draw the conclusion that Bob is gay.host Bob Harper updated fans on his health, via Instagram, following a heart attack on Feb. Just taking it easy."He said that he has been back in his Los Angeles home for eight days and is being looked after by his dog. Harper, 51, told TMZ he collapsed at a New York City gym and a doctor who was there performed CPR on him.

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