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It’s been known as the foreign area for a very long time and when I first moved to Japan in 2000 it was a total dump, though apparently there were always several high class hostess bars and other top end establishments located in the depths of buildings off the main drag.The completion of Roppongi Hills, a massive multi-building labyrinthine complex that includes offices, apartments, retail stores, restaurants, a cinema, multiple “parks”, a large book store, 3 Starbucks coffee shops, a grocery store, and a DVD rental shop, really moved the are upscale, however.

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The way to succeed according to these women surveyed is to: drive, pay and drop. while 56.5 percent also thought it would be nice if the woman would also decide where they should eat.... But this only tells you what to do on a date with a real Japanese woman. He notes that you can meet a Japanese girl at a nomikai (a party attended by friends or co workers)—a place to meet new friends or dates.

that way, if they go where they want to go, she's happy and the guy will be too. She doesn't have to go out with you again - even if you ask. He says a nomikai can take place at an izakaya (a bar or a cafe).

My mailboxes on those sites seem to overflow with messages from 30~45yo women.

While the simple answer that they know no Japanese guy will take them so they run to the what they perceive as more open-minded foreign guys seems to make sense...younger foreign guys?

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